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Young Link / Kirby 
08:30pm 30/05/2007
  Hi, im new here, and it would be great if I can be Young Link... If that doesn't really affect the person who is Link...

If I cant be Young Link, Kirby would be awsome! Kirby pwns in SSBM, but his UP+B attack dosnt help much when ur fallin and ur fly is out... XD

so yeah, thankyou and i just have one question.. where do we RP? is it on AIM/MSN/Any other IM or on a forums or something... (i have the question because the "Full RP Rules" link isnt working for me :P)

Thanks and reply!

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The fire bird is back! 
08:07pm 26/01/2007
  Yeah so is Falco taken? If not, I'd like to be him. And we need a Fox too.  

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04:08pm 04/12/2005
  (ok, i'ma post something in char. i'm sure no one minds that i pick up ness, although gs9 isn't a big fan of him . . . . . . .)

Ness strode through the halls, his partner ( unfortunetly) had been captain falcon but it only took him about 30 seconds to lose him.
he contoniued to walk, his shoes making soft foot step sounds on the plush red carpeting of the Melee Mansion. the murder hadn't really effected ness as much as anyone would think, but then again no one thought much of ness, simply because he faught with yo-yo's and baseball bats. He was using his cellphone, jeff & applekid (ooc: earthbound refrennce) had made ti for him from his old reciever phone. he was texting paula at the daycare center when he accidently ran bumped into zelda on the resting quarters hallway.

"ow" was all he said as he fell over, zelda being much bigger than he was. " you should really watch where you're going.


man i'm hoping i re-spark this rp cuz it looks really cool from what i've allready read.

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Ness is me!!!! 
10:25am 04/12/2005
mood: yeah, she got em for sale
i wanna be ness, concidering i know an uber amount about him.

but that's cuz i've actually played earthbound. if any of YOU had played earthbound you would know that

1. in ssbm they had ness say PK (attack) but in earthbound id was Psi (attack) accomponied by a greek letter

2. ness never talks

3. ness never learns pk fire or pk thunder, those were the blonde chicks moves.

4. people buy mushrooms growing from your head.

any way, ness is my best character, not to mention i know whos a boy from onnet with psychic powers who came across a meteorite that landed near his home which housed an insect like creature named Buzz Buzz who came from a future ruled by Gigias, the intergallactic conqourer. BuzzBuzz revelaed to ness that he, 2 other boys, and one other girl were destined to have powers and defeat gigias.

not to mention, in earthbound you actually get to name your strongest attack, in thei ntro it asks you what your favorite thing is and then they put PSI before it.

so you could know PSI slash or PSI sean bean

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I'm new here 
09:27pm 18/10/2005
mood: happy
Hi everyone!

I'm new here, of course! XD

Anyway, I love SSBM!

It's my favorite Gamecube game! ^_^

My best character is Pikachu.

I'm one of the best people with Pikachu.

And my second and third best characters are Mewtwo and Kirby.

Also, can I have Pikachu in the Role Play?

I'm sorry that I don't know how the whole role playing thing works yet or anything....

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Luigi open?! 
08:07pm 04/08/2005
mood: disappointed
Hi, I just joined and I noticed Luigi's not taken. Even though I'm depressed that Yoshi was, Luigi works for me. ^_^

What?Collapse )

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Is Falco Lombardi up for grabs to RP as? 
01:46am 01/02/2005
  If so, I would like to RP as him.  

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07:48pm 08/01/2005
mood: busy
(OOC: Hey everyone, I'm switching personal journals, but I'm still interested in playing the part of Zelda in this community. My new personal journal is chaosgithzerai.

And now, the very, very belated post I've meant to make but never got around to doing so till now. x_x Gomen ne!)

Italicized part carried over from my last post:

After hesitating for a few long moments, Zelda turned and went back into the mansion. She knew that she had to speak to someone who would possibly understand how confused and afraid she was deep inside about this entire situation. She needed to speak to Peach. Maybe her fellow princess would understand...

A soft sigh left the Hylian as she made her way through the halls of Melee Mansion, her heels making an echoing click upon the hard floors as she oved along. After taking a few turns and going up a few flights fo stairs, Zelda finally reached the hall where the Smashers' sleeping chambers were, including her own.

She glanced about nervously for a moment before taking a few steps into the hall, her sapphire blue eyes looking over every door, studying and making note of the symbols attached to the doors of each and every room, each had two: a lager symbol representing each Smasher's world, and a smaller, personal symbol underneath the larger one. Her expression brightened when her sight fell upon a door which was marked by a mushroom symbol and a smaller crown symbol underneath. Peach's chambers.

' I do hope she is here,' the Hylian princess thought to herself before she approached the closed door, raised a slender, gloved hand, and knocked...

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I'm a newbie 
10:29pm 17/12/2004
mood: giddy
I play ssb at my youth group, and I always used to playy a red Kirby. I know, sounds pretty retarded right? Well, I always lost so I don't play that character to much anymore. My friend Cain, he was always picking on me calling me the "red Marshmellow". One time he even brought me some marshmellows.

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09:46pm 17/12/2004
mood: crushed
Roy Rules!!

Marth is Pretty! LOL

At youth group we have like an hour of hang out and the intire time we play Super Smash Bros. And yet still nobody can beat Brian. All except Eli. But Eli cheated!

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quik question 
11:04am 27/09/2004
  is this community dead?????  

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Attention to All Mario Fans! I have a question for you. 
11:18am 12/05/2004
mood: curious
If you could be any of the following characters, which one would you be, and why?

a)Mario Mario
b)Luigi Mario
d)The Princess

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10:30am 18/04/2004
mood: cheerful
Yea!! A new RP community opened up called meleerp. I joined, but it's not much fun with just me and mario_star. Come join if you like!! Later ^_________________^ By the way, what's wrong with typos?

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09:36pm 16/04/2004
mood: contemplative
((OOC-Okay, new and all that junk, replacing mario, blah, blah, blah. By the way, I hate mewtwo and you'll find out soon enough))

Mario comes bak to ssm mansion looking for his friends. He sudenly found pikachu with his ears torn off. Mario tries to mend them back together, but mewtwo stops him. "What do ya think you're doing?" Mewtwo asks. Mario gave him his answer by thowing a fireball at him. "Is that the best you can do?" Mewtwo laughed. Mario was so mad, he grabbed mewtwo and thew him out the Window. "Woo-hoo!!" Mario said. Pikachu says thanks and Mario help pikachu get his ears back on.

((OOC-Hey, like pikachu. Got a problem?))

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quick question 
12:17am 15/03/2004
mood: curious
Ok, this may be a dumb question but... Is Dr. Mario and Mario one and the same? Does he just change costumes or are they actually separate entities?

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First post. 
10:20pm 24/02/2004
mood: worried
(OOC: Hi everyone. I joined this community earlier and will be RPing as Zelda. *bows in thanks to GS9* After reading over all of the entries, I'm slightly confused, but have a general idea of what's going on. If any of you think that I'm not playing Zelda right, feel free to let me know. :)

Sapphire blue eyes gazed out over the horizon as their owner stood upon one of the many small balconies of the Melee Mansion (silly name, I know). Everything was so strange, so not right. First Peach telling everyone of a murdur then Ganondorf stopping a fight that Link was involved in. Link...

The Hylian woman sighed softly, her eyes closing for a long moment as she shook her head. That sentimental fool. Had there ever been anything between them other than friendship? Zelda didn't know anymore, and it was making her feel uncomfortable along with something else.


Zelda shuddered at the thought of the Gerudo man. Even if old rivalries and enmities had been set aside for this 'tournament', Zelda promised herself that she would forever keep her guard up when around the dark wizard. Not that she ever wanted to be around him in the first place.

"I wonder how everything back home is..." she murmured softly to nobody in particular, her elven ears listening as the slight wind carried her words away and into the air until they faded completely.

"Now is not the time to lose all sense of sanity.." the young woman contined, her voice soft and meek instead of its normally strong tone. "Everything will be fine in the end.."

A slight smile crossed Zelda's shell pink lips as a gentle breeze ruffled through her long hair and her dress, though it helped her to relax only slightly as she raised a delicate, gloved hand to smooth a section of her hair back into place and away from her eyes.

After hesitating for a few long moments, Zelda turned and went back into the mansion. She knew that she had to speak to someone who would possibly understand how confused and afraid she was deep inside about this entire situation. She needed to speak to Peach. Maybe her fellow princess would understand...

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05:19pm 24/02/2004
mood: cold
... *looks around* Hello? Is anyone alive? O_O Anyways, I'm bored, some I'm hunting down some SSBM pictures and stuff for the RP.

Yoshi icon:
(needs to be resized, I didn't make it)

And three SSBM wallpapers you can choose from right here.
There's another wallpaper if you don't like the other three here.

We need to get the RPing back up...

(Oh yeah, and GS9... no Caravaggio.)

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05:36pm 31/01/2004
mood: HTMLful
Okay, I just changed the style to S1, so stick with me... The RP might look weird for a while, but I'm trying to fix it up. ^^ Ignore any freaky colours or screwed up formats... I'm working on it. And BS007, if you could hunt down some pics and see if you could make a nice background, I'd be much obliged. ^^
P.S. Caravaggio optional.
There, I've done some dramatic changes to format and colour, and I think it looks better. ^^ If anyone has any colour suggestions or backgrounds, please tell me, and I'll decide if it'll work. But now I (hopefully you too) think it looks better. Sayonara!

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09:17pm 29/01/2004
mood: calm
Pikachu came back to the ssbm mansion after a nice vaction in Vermillion City. The bad part was no one was there when Pikachu got there. "PI-KA-CHU!!!" Pikachu shouted. The only person who came down was Peach. "Pikachu!" Peach said sounding surprised, "We thought you'd got lost or got killed." "Pika?" Pikachu questioned. "Oh, never mind." Peach said, "Some went to go battle and some went to go look for you. I stayed here cause if I did go, I would be pairing up with the ice climbers and I didn't want to go out in the cold." "Pi pikachu."Pikachu said, "Chu chu!" Pikachu went upstairs to the balcony you try to tell everyone that Pikachu was back. "PIKACHU!!" Pikachu shouted, "PIKA!!" Pikachu eagarly waited for her friends to come.


No more journal-style for me. It sucks when a community is a copycat(no offense). I've been gone for awhile, but i'm back. I've been playing Sonic Heroes for awhile. I put up a new journal for anyone who needs help with Sonic Heroes. Well, G2G. Later.

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06:51pm 22/01/2004
mood: pissed off
....How could she?! ..Why?!
The fucking two-faced lying bitch!!! >.<
And she thinks I've been cheating on her. (when I haven't, mind you.)

I can't help the fact that I like to help ladies in distress.... But I certainly I don't get laid. ~_~

(Come to think of it... I never got laid at all... even when I was still with Zelda... x_x)

...I thought it was something special between us two...
But I guess I was too busy saving that sorry ass of her's so many freaking times to not notice it wasn't meant to be. -_-

Ah well... Not that I should care...

..Should I?



Link growled in frustration as he saw his laptop shut down after he punched at it. He didn't get to finish typing in his journal.
The hyrulian cursed as he tried to turn it back and got no result.

Already in a few minutes, Link gave up on the laptop, and pnched at it again. Which only resulted in a broken screen.

"...Screw this.." He cursed again and put the laptop away.

So Link took Master Sword with him and stormed out of the room and headed outside to train himself again.

Sorry for the cursing... ^_^;; But wouldn't you curse like a russian sailor if you were mad? ...I dunno about you, but I would.
...Anyway... Sorry for the pointless entry again...

We need some fighting in this RPG.. The only fight we had was Link with Captain Falcon. It was short and ucky though. :P

....So... Guess we will hopefully get together tommorow night and rp? ^^; (Power to Friday!! ^_^)
I do look forward to seeing you guys on AIM sometime.

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