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Luigi open?!

Hi, I just joined and I noticed Luigi's not taken. Even though I'm depressed that Yoshi was, Luigi works for me. ^_^

Hum, Stuff about Luigi? Well, many things that people know is that:
1. Luigi is Mario's younger brother
2. Luigi isn't in on much titles of the games
3. Many think, from Luigi's mansion, that he can be quite a chicken (But I don't think so!)

Some Games that have Luigi in it
1. Many of the multiplayer games: Mario party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, etc.
2. Mario and Luigi: Segasaga stars
3. Luigi's mansion
4. Mario Brothers 3.

There is possibly more than I know... and if this was unnecessary....My bad..an If I was suppose to do a little example for the role-play....opps....
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