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....How could she?! ..Why?!
The fucking two-faced lying bitch!!! >.<
And she thinks I've been cheating on her. (when I haven't, mind you.)

I can't help the fact that I like to help ladies in distress.... But I certainly I don't get laid. ~_~

(Come to think of it... I never got laid at all... even when I was still with Zelda... x_x)

...I thought it was something special between us two...
But I guess I was too busy saving that sorry ass of her's so many freaking times to not notice it wasn't meant to be. -_-

Ah well... Not that I should care...

..Should I?



Link growled in frustration as he saw his laptop shut down after he punched at it. He didn't get to finish typing in his journal.
The hyrulian cursed as he tried to turn it back and got no result.

Already in a few minutes, Link gave up on the laptop, and pnched at it again. Which only resulted in a broken screen.

"...Screw this.." He cursed again and put the laptop away.

So Link took Master Sword with him and stormed out of the room and headed outside to train himself again.

Sorry for the cursing... ^_^;; But wouldn't you curse like a russian sailor if you were mad? ...I dunno about you, but I would.
...Anyway... Sorry for the pointless entry again...

We need some fighting in this RPG.. The only fight we had was Link with Captain Falcon. It was short and ucky though. :P

....So... Guess we will hopefully get together tommorow night and rp? ^^; (Power to Friday!! ^_^)
I do look forward to seeing you guys on AIM sometime.
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