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Pikachu came back to the ssbm mansion after a nice vaction in Vermillion City. The bad part was no one was there when Pikachu got there. "PI-KA-CHU!!!" Pikachu shouted. The only person who came down was Peach. "Pikachu!" Peach said sounding surprised, "We thought you'd got lost or got killed." "Pika?" Pikachu questioned. "Oh, never mind." Peach said, "Some went to go battle and some went to go look for you. I stayed here cause if I did go, I would be pairing up with the ice climbers and I didn't want to go out in the cold." "Pi pikachu."Pikachu said, "Chu chu!" Pikachu went upstairs to the balcony you try to tell everyone that Pikachu was back. "PIKACHU!!" Pikachu shouted, "PIKA!!" Pikachu eagarly waited for her friends to come.


No more journal-style for me. It sucks when a community is a copycat(no offense). I've been gone for awhile, but i'm back. I've been playing Sonic Heroes for awhile. I put up a new journal for anyone who needs help with Sonic Heroes. Well, G2G. Later.
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