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First post.

(OOC: Hi everyone. I joined this community earlier and will be RPing as Zelda. *bows in thanks to GS9* After reading over all of the entries, I'm slightly confused, but have a general idea of what's going on. If any of you think that I'm not playing Zelda right, feel free to let me know. :)

Sapphire blue eyes gazed out over the horizon as their owner stood upon one of the many small balconies of the Melee Mansion (silly name, I know). Everything was so strange, so not right. First Peach telling everyone of a murdur then Ganondorf stopping a fight that Link was involved in. Link...

The Hylian woman sighed softly, her eyes closing for a long moment as she shook her head. That sentimental fool. Had there ever been anything between them other than friendship? Zelda didn't know anymore, and it was making her feel uncomfortable along with something else.


Zelda shuddered at the thought of the Gerudo man. Even if old rivalries and enmities had been set aside for this 'tournament', Zelda promised herself that she would forever keep her guard up when around the dark wizard. Not that she ever wanted to be around him in the first place.

"I wonder how everything back home is..." she murmured softly to nobody in particular, her elven ears listening as the slight wind carried her words away and into the air until they faded completely.

"Now is not the time to lose all sense of sanity.." the young woman contined, her voice soft and meek instead of its normally strong tone. "Everything will be fine in the end.."

A slight smile crossed Zelda's shell pink lips as a gentle breeze ruffled through her long hair and her dress, though it helped her to relax only slightly as she raised a delicate, gloved hand to smooth a section of her hair back into place and away from her eyes.

After hesitating for a few long moments, Zelda turned and went back into the mansion. She knew that she had to speak to someone who would possibly understand how confused and afraid she was deep inside about this entire situation. She needed to speak to Peach. Maybe her fellow princess would understand...
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