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Ness is me!!!!

i wanna be ness, concidering i know an uber amount about him.

but that's cuz i've actually played earthbound. if any of YOU had played earthbound you would know that

1. in ssbm they had ness say PK (attack) but in earthbound id was Psi (attack) accomponied by a greek letter

2. ness never talks

3. ness never learns pk fire or pk thunder, those were the blonde chicks moves.

4. people buy mushrooms growing from your head.

any way, ness is my best character, not to mention i know whos a boy from onnet with psychic powers who came across a meteorite that landed near his home which housed an insect like creature named Buzz Buzz who came from a future ruled by Gigias, the intergallactic conqourer. BuzzBuzz revelaed to ness that he, 2 other boys, and one other girl were destined to have powers and defeat gigias.

not to mention, in earthbound you actually get to name your strongest attack, in thei ntro it asks you what your favorite thing is and then they put PSI before it.

so you could know PSI slash or PSI sean bean
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