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I had the long list of rules here but... I decided to just play it by ear. The short, revised rules:

1-I still wanna know how much you know about your char, but I'm not gonna be that strict with your tryouts. If it turns out that you think Marth is in FE5, then you're probably not qualified to play Marth.

2-I _still_ don't want lots of profanity.

3-I will also _still_ give anyone any info they need about their chars. I'm nice like that! ^^

4-If you don't post a lot, I'll notify you. And if you wanna post out-of-character, specify that.

5-Still no killing.

6-And still no pairing specifications.

7-No bashing. This is related to both pairings and characters in general.

8-Check your posts for typos and grammar errors. I'm not going to grade these or anything, but it can get really annoying to try and read trhough smoethin taht lookse liek tis!!11!1!111!!!1

Characters taken:
Peach - galaxysong9 (that would be me)
Link - sakuragirl02
Marth - bludger
Roy - marth_roy_fan If she doesn't post a comment, she's out. Roy may be up for grabs soon.
Mewtwo - kora_lye
Nana - kange
Yoshi - clay_dough
Pikachu - pokemon_star
Ganondorf - ultimatedariusx
Zelda - faythsong
Mario - mario_star

You can also still take a character from a related game (like Malon or Slippy), just don't make it too obscure (like any other FE char... In case some people don't know who Maric or Lilina is).
If you want the orignal rules, go to the website. It's not really that fancy, but I like the background! ^^ Oh yeah, the orignal rules are kinda long. Just to warn ya. And once we get the RP off the ground (more people!) I will probably start an RP log on my site.

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